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If somewhere in your brain,

There's knowledge you think people would pay for

You can package it up into automated online course

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Fully Automated

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There's no capacity for how many units you can sell.

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It sounds good in theory, yes


Gurus Lied.

Selling Courses Online is Hard.

If you don't have a massive, engaged list

Or 1M+ followers

To get one live

& Actually making money...

You're gonna need to handle:

Curriculum Writing
Slide Deck Creation
Video Editing
Course Platform Software
Email Marketing
Community Management
...And you're expected to do all of this on your own.

...Better than your competitors

On top of everything you're already doing

It's a lot.

& Why most people never launch,
& Even less make money.


You can spend 8+ months figuring this out alone

Or work with a team

& Get your first sale in 22 days...
Your New
Course- Creation Team.
At Courses & Funnels, we build Courses & Funnels (duh).

Our international team of course-selling nerds have helped generate millions in revenue across 30+ Launches.


30+ Course Launches &

Helped Generate $20M+ in rev.

Video Ads Course

$100k per Month


PR Agency Course

$75k per Month


Student Community of 4,000+



Jump on
3 Zoom Calls.

We'll Get Your Course
Live & Selling in 22 Days.

Niche, Offer & "Big Idea"

Generic courses don't sell. We need to come up with a bulletproof Offer & "Big Idea" that differentiates from the competition, and takes your niche by storm.

Course Content & Portal

Most courses are too long and complex. We'll prepare your course to be as short & actionable and possible, to minimise filming time, and maximise student results.

Evergreen Funnel & Marketing

Marketing is changing. We'll run your ads to an automated evergreen funnel that turns cold prospects into customers & generates revenue like clockwork while you sleep.


Using Our Proven


Course-Selling System

  • PHASE 1

    Discovery Calls
    First, we'll jump on 3x 45-Minute Zoom Calls and breakdown your unique IP.
    Here we'll gather selling & teaching intel for your course.
  • PHASE 2

    Offer, Product & Funnel
    Next, we'll build your irresistible offer, and get your course content & marketing material ready for you to film.
  • PHASE 3

    Install Loom. Record your course and marketing material from your laptop in just a few hours. Mistakes won't matter as out team will edit only the good bits.
  • PHASE 4

    Launching & Scaling
    Give us 7 days to launch your platform, funnel & ads - generating sales in as little as 24 hours from going live.

Your spot

could close


We can only handle 3-4 clients per month.

Book today or miss having to join a waitlist.


Millions of Dollars in Course Sales Generated

Get Everything
  • Offer Creation

    Offer is king. We'll build you an offer so appealing to your prospects it practically sells itself. Anywhere from $10/mo communities, to $10k+ High-Ticket.

  • Content Development

    We'll work with you to unpack your IP, and build your lessons, bonuses and

    action items o that they get insane results for your students.

  • Big Idea & Positioning

    Generic courses won't sell. We need a "big idea" that connects with a specific niche and stands out from all the competition.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
    Every course is different. Depending on your audience and niche we'll create a rock-solid go-to-market strategy to get you sales on day one.
  • Video Editing

    We'll edit all your course video lessons, funnel videos and marketing videos with our pro editing team.

  • VSL & Ad Scripting
    Our expert copywriters will write you a VSL/ Webinar Script for you to record for your funnel to turn cold traffic into paying customer.
  • Course Platform Build

    We'll build your interactive course platform for you so it's fully automated and can deliver value to your students.

  • Branding & Design
    People need to trust your brand. Our graphic designers will build your branding from the ground up specifically for your course.
  • Evergreen Funnel Build
    Based on competitor research, we'll build you a fully automated evergreen funnel that turns cold traffic into paying customers on autopilot.
  • Paid Advertising
    Our paid advertising strategists, copywriters and media buyer will run you paid ads from day 1 to generate as many sales as possible.
  • CRO
    Our team will make ongoing tweaks to your funnel for 1% improvements that add up to more revenue for you every month.
  • Upsells & Backend
    Don't just stop at one offer. We can work with you to build your upsells, down-sells and high-ticket backends to generate way more revenue long-term.
  • Ongoing Support
    We'll work with you 1-1 ongoing for 6 months to make sure you're getting the best results possible for your course.


Book A Call.

Let's Gameplan

Your Online Course.

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We Can Get Any Course To Sell Like Hotcakes


Got Questions?

  • How does it work?

    It's simple. Jump on some calls with us so we can build out your offer & content, then we'll get everything ready to film. Film your course from your laptop & we'll build your platform, funnel and run ads in 22 days.

  • What do you guys do?

    Literally everything.

  • Who creates the course content?

    Us together. You (hopefully) have the expertise in your field, so you'll work 1-1 with our curriculum experts to get that out of your head and into a simple system that your students can follow & get results from.

  • How do I film it?

    From your laptop. We'll give you all the learning resources so you can teach through them using a screen-recording software like Loom.

  • Do I need an audience?

    Nope! We'll run facebook ads to cold audiences to buy. However, if you have an audience or list we'll work with you on the launch to them maximise early revenue.

  • Do I need case studies?

    No you don't! We just need proof that you can get results for your students.

  • Where do you host the course?

    We recommend you host your course on software called CODA for 1,000 reasons. BUT, if there's a particular platform you want to use, we can build it on there.

  • Any support beyond the launch?

    Yes. We will work with you 6 months post-launch to get you scaling as big as possible.

  • What if I already have a course?

    Then we'll get it selling. We might need to tweak your offer, and we can build evergreen funnels and paid ad campaigns to get you more sales.

  • Any support beyond the launch?

    Yes! We'll manage your paid ads for the first 30 days for free, then support you 1-1 for 6 months to get your course as profitable as possible.